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My Story


I’m not talking about years of expensive and time consuming therapy. I want to get the root cause and help you heal in just a few sessions.


You might see some parallels between your story and mine.
I was born into a family riddled with generational trauma.  Abuse, murder, abandonment, and addiction were ever present in my family stories.
Generational trauma passes down so easily, one parent’s
burden becomes heavy for their child. Without healing, the child continues the cycle.
As I grew older I began to see that no matter how much I wanted to stop the pattern
from repeating–it was repeating even though I was consciously trying to create a new path.
The thing is, there is only so much change you can do at the conscious level. The more I learned, the more I realized that the problem was at the subconscious level. It was in the stories I told about myself. It was in the beliefs I held about myself. And there were raw emotions attached to those deep beliefs and stories that needed healing.
I realized that if I wanted to change my life, so history didn’t repeat itself, I had to explore and heal my
subconscious beliefs. I had to change the deepest parts of me–so much healing was needed.
Fast forward many years later, hundreds of clients, and 400 hours of advanced
hypnotherapy training in RTT and I’m doing what I believe is my soul’s work. Helping women heal at the deepest level.

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