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I Took On the Pain of My Mother Subconsciously

When faced with a presenting physical health issue—one that just springs up on us or a chronic disease that we are facing long term, it is important to explore the possible connection to a past trauma and the subconscious beliefs that might be connected the physical issue. The connection between trauma and physical health is very real, and as more research comes out on the effects of trauma its important to incorporate healing that is holistic.

The more and more clients I see, I find that physical health problems that are often a second component of their trauma. The body can hold on to emotional weight and beliefs that aren’t allowing the body to repair itself, and often at the root of that is a lack of feeling safe. I fully recommend exploring subconscious healing alongside traditional medicine as you can heal the root cause of the issue that often lies in the subconscious.

Fear, abandonment, rejection, and lack are all emotions that easily become tangled and held on to within the subconscious and then begin to affect your physical wellness if not healed. I believe in taking a holistic approach to healing, and with that approach, the subconscious mind can’t be ignored.

I work with clients who have experienced chronic pain that they couldn’t get to the bottom of, and when we explored the subconscious root–there was a story there. Pain is often passed down from generation to generation–taking different forms, but ever persistent. By unraveling the story to the root belief and emotion, we can begin to heal.

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