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About Rapid Transformational Therapy


Healing from Childhood and Relationship Trauma

Whether trauma occurs in childhood, a recent relationship, a catastrophe, or other situation, its effects can persist for a lifetime: anxiety, depression, chronic health issues, flashbacks, a disconnection from the body, trust and intimacy challenges, or feeling worthless and broken.

If you feel like you have tried everything and can’t get past it—RTT can open that door for you. Subconscious Healing is a profound way to change your life. I’ve always had a passion for profound transformation. It is my goal to help you identify the thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you, keeping you trapped in unhealthy patterns, and release them. I use RTT healing— a powerful subconscious healing technique to up level your perceptions and step into your power. As an RTT therapist, I guide you to become a healer of your own heart.


Why Work with Me?

I trained directly under the supervision of world renowned therapist Marissa Peer. Studying under Marissa has had a profound impact on how I see the psyche — ever malleable and changeable. The transformations I have seen in clients have been profound and inspiring. I am honored to carry on her technique and help people gain freedom of their lives once and for all.